Stop PDF Printing / Protect PDF file from printing

MaiPDF protects PDF files from printing – it stops printing of PDF documents by default so you do not have to apply any additional controls to stop a PDF being printed.
Documents can be protected with zero prints available (to stop PDF being printed) and then individual users can be granted print rights by altering the number of prints available.

Chania MaiPDF Encryptor uses the strongest possible industry-standard encryption to protect your documents from copying and forwarding, online and offline, before and after delivery. Our access controls go a step further by enabling document expiration, location-based access, and printing restrictions. Importantly, your documents and the keys to them never leave your possession. So to stop a PDF being copied / protect PDF from copying you have to encrypt PDF files to stop unauthorized access, use licensing controls to lock documents to devices, and DRM controls to control document usage so documents cannot be easily shared.

Chania Stop PDF Download.
A strong document security system is worthless if your authorized users can't access their documents. Because MaiPDF is designed to operate within industry-standard viewers, users seldom run into problems with secured documents being blocked by antivirus and other firewall software since it is based on HTML(simple web pages). Users do NOT need to download any plugin or software,both online and offline DRM-PDF are able to be opened in any modern Browsers.Protect PDF against content & text copying In some PDF protection products, if editing is disabled you can still highlight and copy text. Safeguard stops users from copying text and other content within a document – there is no copy paste option available and text cannot be highlighted for selection so it cannot be copied and pasted into other applications.

List of MaiPDF's Features
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Free but powerful to protect your pdf files
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Easy to share your file with a Link
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Quick view of restriciton settings
Cinque Terre PDF Expiry and expiring PDF files:

How PDF files made Secured


All the file are deleted once the file reaches the reading limit

Number of opens

Only Limited number of reading times will be allowed

Each Reading Time

Only a certain amount of time will be allowed in each reading period

Multiple Platforms

PDF files are shared in a unique URL, all Computer&Mobile platforms are compatible.

MaiPDF lets you log PDF usage so you can see when users have viewed and/or printed your PDF files. This is useful if you want to check whether a particular user has viewed a document yet especially if they claim to have not received it. Logging PDF files requires users to be connected to the Internet since a record has to be stored on a cloud server when a PDF file is viewed/printed. You may therefore only want to log PDF usage for specific documents otherwise users will have to be constantly online.